My new Dr is incredible. Not only were they interested and knowledgeable about CVS, but he has prescribed me amitriptyline, and even in just over a week, I have certainly noticed a difference. Not only did he have the plan of putting me on this new medication, He also had a back up plan of sending to me a Neurologist if the new medicine had no effect.

I started taking 10mg on Wednesday the 18th of January.  I soon learned that this medication makes you drowsy,  so I decided after the first night I would take them around 8 pm rather than 10 pm.  The Dr did warn me about the drowsiness, and he was hopeful that this would decrease the severity of my illness.

The first two days I felt a bit nauseated, but on day 3, something very rare happened. At 8 am in the morning, I had an appetite (more truthfully a craving for Vegemite on toast) and I actually had breakfast for the first time in 5 years. I remember coming home and telling my partner, Whos response was “That’s un heard of!”

This night I went on the higher dosage of 20mg (as per my instructions) What I noticed so far on amitriptyline is this;

  •  When I woke up feeling sick, the nausea wasn’t as severe and didn’t last long.
  • If I did vomit, it was no where near as frequent or violent.
  • My body becomes very relaxed and feels “paralysed” quicker when I’m trying to fall asleep.

On Monday the 23rd, I awoke around 9 am with nausea and unfortunately vomited more than 10 times in the space of 10 to 15 minutes. I took a hot shower and the nausea eased around 10:30 am, At first I was a bit disheartened. So I reminded myself this was still a big improvement.

Today, being January 28th, marks my 4th consecutive day with no vomiting, as well as little to no nausea in the morning. It’s still very early days on this new “miracle pill” but so far the results are highly promising. I just hope that this continues to act as well as it is seeming to.

I had an appointment with my Doctor today for a catch up on how I was going on the new medicine.  He gave me a high five when I mentioned I haven’t vomited in 4 days, and raised his eyebrows when I mentioned having breakfast that morning. It was great to be able to feel that somewhat strange accomplishment. Yet as strange as it may be, I am very happy and relieved.

I have ensured to keep record of what time I take my medication,  what time I fall asleep, and also ensure to document any symptoms I may have in the morning. It will be very interesting to compare this year’s “CVS Diary” to last year’s. . I am very proud of how far I have come with this illness. I am also highly grateful to my Dr for being so knowledgeable and helpful with my condition.

Now to see what happens during the next few weeks. Hoping that my fatigue will improve as well as the Consistency of my attacks.

My 2017 “CVS” Diary.



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