#2- The testing, the treatment;

My H.Pylori was cleared, however the sickness continued. This was starting to become serious, and scary. I was waking everyday vomiting up nothing but bile and at times nothing at all. I’m hunched over the small plastic bin I usually had in the corner of my bedroom, however today it is clutched tight in my hands as my body decides to rage a war against itself.

Symptoms were similar with that of H.Pylori, however I found myself with bad abdominal pain, sensitivity to light and fevers as well as a much higher severity of nausea and vomiting.  My appetite was still non-existent. I lost around 16 kilograms in total before I was diagnosed. Thankfully I was able to put most of it back on with time.

I missed so many days off work that my manager and colleagues were starting to become more annoyed with me than concerned about me. The trips to the hospital continued, only for every test they’d do to come back with no abnormalities, and again, no answer. I was becoming physically and mentally exhausted.

There were times where I was tested for things such as Hepatitis,  Chrones Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and even Cancer. These were the times when my fear would be heightened. Nobody could say what was wrong with me, and I wasn’t getting any better. Again, I was scared.

I hated going to the hospital after so many visits, as they would take one look at me and see my tattoos and piercings, they would see that my blood came back as “normal” and they labelled me as a drug seeker. Or my then 4 year old scars from the time I was self harming and say I was an attention seeker..unfortunately my treatment at the hospitals were at times deplorable. Also I don’t know anyone who enjoys spending time in a hospital bed having multiple bags of IV fluid being pushed through their system.

It took me from the age of 18 to the age of 22 until I would finally get a diagnosis. Until then, it was a game of “faking to be well” both for my own sake and for those around me.


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